EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 49 of 195  
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Alessandro Bonadio (ITALIA), Elena Carlon (ITALIA), Giulia Ometto (ITALIA)
We have to take care of climate change,ageing,rising of self-up cities,new mobility.We transform this unforseen changes into opportunities;people are motivated to innovate if they feel that they can express themselves to a meaningful community;we use new technology,nanotech,wi-fi,new energy,new mobility,www3.We are able to revise the theory of push and pull factors,proposing millions of magnets as roll, that we can pick and customize ourselves.City becomes a platform for self-actualization,supporting a mixed yet highly specialized living and working environment,as reurbanization of life.Multiple real centers, intersect with a continue flux of bites,informations, things.
We develop urban farms, to produce food for every citizen;open leaderships work with mayor's office and define the commons,that motivate and attract people.Form of resources,as energy,money,services,spaces,communications,concrete tools,offers citizen tools to release slumbering potential and turn innovation into facts