EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 84 of 195  
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alessandro gattara (ITALIA), roberto braglia (ITALIA)
NetVille, September 2018.
What happened to EveryVille? The same streets, the same buildings of the previous 10 years are still there, and yet EveryVille is no longer on the map. The new exurban community has increased, now it accommodates 50.000 inhabitants. New buildings have grown up and new spaces have been occupied, but what mostly changed is the fact that the community now recognizes its own identity and doesn’t like to be considered suburb of Metropolis. The strategic program put into practice, which saw the participation of the inhabitants for its settlement, led to a new system of spaces and relationships. It’s a method to follow which will lead the future growth of the town. A net forms the binding of a range of urban elements whose goal is to promote the sense of community. Social cohesion, wealth, awareness and individual assumption of responsibility can be reached fulfilling programs concerning the several spheres of nature, urbanity and sustainable production.