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Gallay Steve (SWITZERLAND)
The guerrilla of the resources
The guerrilla of the resources: The emergent identity

We are entering a period of scarcity of resources. After the pomp of 60', the hunger crises broke out in the Asia, the barrel traded at immoderate prices , water is lacking , democratic country negotiating with dictatorships, gravel failed ; the struggle for resources has begin.
The question of identity cannot be considered only like a aesthetic expression, « l'inutile beauté ». Identity is a emergent phenomenon of the needs from a society who struggles for his survival.
The major challenge of the XXI century is the control of his consume in energy. To achieve this goal, the question of mobility and the request in energy from households must be considered scientifically, politically, economically and culturally.
The city is adapted for the energy challenges; the urban textile is densifided to decrease the thermic losses. Undergrounds structures are used for stocking. And the city becomes foodstuff productivity.