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The idea to this project is based on a filmic projection-body which was planed to be build, called “-1-SEGMENT“ which related to questions of filmic time and space and the re-translation into “real“ space. It consists of four equally sized rectangled slabs (model on black ground). After a while, and three models later, I was fascinated by the possibilities to recombine them in a way, they would complement one another. Inspiring, due to your descriptive text, are two points the Mayor mentioned: “... a program that moves beyond buildings...“, & “....guidelines that will help Everyville grow as a cohesive, environmentally sane and participatory community.“ The guideline is the shape, given throughout the starting point of the sculpture. The fact that the project should move beyond buildings, is given throughout the possibility to scale the objects from a table or chair to a whole building and not to leave the basic shape.