EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 80 of 195  
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Luca Bargagli (ITALIA)
In a world where cities are evolving in a high increasing density, everyville decides to go against the tide: develops far but not wide.
Starting from amazon river’s shape, the beating heart of the world, everyville develops an utopian model exportable in major cities worldwide: born along a green river which between its shores keeps the identity and sense of community transforming them into a continuous flow of meetings among the people.
The buildings that are located on the banks of the river are raised as piles over a mesh of flower beds and fountains.
Its green and its watercourse recall the origins of this conurbation that today rises above the intersection between Z avenue and X street.
Into the bends of the river some flower beds are extruded to create functional spaces that fuel social life.
Schools and public offices find place on the shores in the buildings that overlook the river.
Everything in Everyville is an EverGrEen FLoW…